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The Ritual Embodiment 200hr Tantra Yoga Teacher Training program 

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What makes it 'Tantra' Yoga?


There are 3 main things that distinguish Tantra Yoga from other paths. 🐍 🌸 🐘

Firstly, it is not a renunciate, or transcendental path. 🥀


We are not trying to ‘escape’ or ‘transcend’ the physical body. 🚀

More so, we acknowledge that our beautiful bodies are an expression of what we call the divine, in the same way a flower, an animal or an entire galaxy is. 🧘‍♀️🌌

We embrace all parts of ourselves as ‘spiritual’, and yes this includes our sensual or sexual aspects, expanding our potential for holding all kinds of experiences through the 5 Layers of Self or ‘Soul’ which INCLUDES the physical body. ❤️

We are not just moving Kundalini UP the body, but also DOWN, integrating the spirit WITH the physical, together, in harmony. 🐍 ☯️

Secondly, the focus on the energy body as a malleable and alterable form which we can effect through practices such as working with a Chakra System. ⚡️

In our particular training, we will focus on the more traditional Tantrik 5 Element system of Earth, Water, Fire, Wind & Void. 🌳 🌊 🔥 🌪 🌸

Although we will learn about the modern rainbow 7 chakra system, it will not be our primary system of focus. 🌈 👀

Lastly, Ritual practice was an essential part of the original Tantrik traditions, and I believe one of the best ways to honor the lineage of the tradition is to learn and develop a devotional ritual practice with the deities of that lineage. 🌺

So as part of the training, we will be using the 5 elements in ritual Sadhana and Puja. A series of meditations and rituals with various Tantrik Deities, specifically: Ganesha, Lakshmi, Shiva & Kali. 🕊

In the non-dual Tantrik view, deities are often seen as expressions of the one divine source/goddess/god/being/essence for which there are many names. 🌞

You also do not need to ‘believe’ in these deities, perhaps just seeing them as archetypal expressions of your own self. That is for you to decide. 💁🏻‍♂️

With this view, I feel it compliments and enhances any other spiritual tradition if approached with curiosity, compassion & logic.

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For our 2024 Tantrik Yoga Teacher Training

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The path of

Ritual Embodiment

Ritual Embodiment is a unique method of coming home to the essence of Tantra Yoga. A way of blending exploration, play and intention to transform your yoga practice into the magical unfolding it truly is. 

Whatever your beliefs, passions, or vocations, this training will give you the tools and framework to weave your own unique patterns into this beautiful limitless fabric we call life.

Bring everything to the path.

Build your confidence as not just a teacher, but as a human

Yoga is the process of self-discovery. The more we begin to know and love all the different parts of ourselves, something truly groundbreaking happens. 

We not only begin to feel comfortable in our own body. We start to feel empowered in what more we can discover from our potential, and how we can show up as more of ourselves in a vibrant, authentic way. 

Meet Your Teachers

Daniel Erulian Cuming

Mischievous Mage

The pursuit of wonder, freedom and play has always been at the forefront of what drives Daniel’s curiosity for unraveling the mysteries of life’s potential.

Daniel was first introduced to breathwork, yoga, qi gong & meditation through his kung fu and tai chi training. The early words from his Sifu: “Kung fu will make you a fighter, but meditation will make you a Wizard”, sparked something that continues to burn to this day.

He’s come to appreciate the mischief of the cosmos and to tread with a skip of divine madness in his step, more passionate than ever about educating people on the true essence of Yoga, Tantra, and these beautiful technologies we weave together in this mysterious phenomena we call, Magick.

Bring Everything to the Path.


Nicole Cargakis

Ritual Mover

Forever a curious human, Nicole's role is that of a guide – facilitating states of awareness that may serve as a doorway to healing and insight.

Her offerings to the world are culmination of a lifetime of studying and walking the path of holistic healing and soul work. A long-time Yogi and meditator, she's honed her skills of understanding the language of the mind-body connection through further studies in Emotional Anatomy, Somatic Awareness and trauma-informed Stress Release Strategies. She's an experienced Conscious Connected Breathwork facilitator, a Reiki Therapist and Intuitive Guide.

Her aim is to be a return to intimacy, presence and wholeness.


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Our Curriculum

Traversing the Trinity

Our curriculum covers many facets of Yoga and Tantra, but it can be divided into 3 areas. All interlinked as an intricate tapestry of embodied learning. 

These are not to be seen as simply steps that once done are now complete, but a cyclical process of infinite evolution and transformation through Awareness, Embodiment and Communication

It is with these 3 primary 'colours' that you will paint your own visions on the cosmic canvas

These are:

Awareness (The View)

Our experience of the world is more influenced by how we view it than most realise.

In order to fully embrace the path, we must learn what it has been so far, where it has traveled, and where it is heading. Diving into the history, philosophy, theory and goals of the various strands of yoga, with a focus on Non-Dual Tantrik Yoga.

Embodiment (Self Experience)

An embodied experience of these concepts through, Asana, Pranayama, Meditation, Mantra, Yantra, Ritual, Elemental, Chakra & Energy Body practices. 

You will learn the fundamental poses of Hatha & Vinyasa Yoga, with a dynamic non-linear lens.

We will explore how different types of breath affect our body, energy and awareness

You will create a devotional ritual practice including working with the Tantrik 5 Element Chakra System, as well as various Tantrik Deities.

Communication (Sharing with Others)

Sharing a practice with others is an essential part of being human, and allows us to operate on a new level of 'knowing' through learning to articulate and communicate this knowledge and wisdom with others in our own unique way

Through various playful approaches you will expand your confidence and communications skills, and learn to effectively teach and share ideas and practices.

Internationally Certified with Yoga Alliance

Our school is officially licensed with Yoga Alliance, meaning you'll have a recognised worldwide teaching accreditation. 

100% Online with Optional In-Person Sessions

Complete your certification from anywhere in the world, in a way that suits you and your lifestyle. 

As long as you have an internet connection and a phone or computer, you're set.

Some sessions will be offered as in-person or online, but all of them can be completed online as default :)

The perfect mix of self-paced and LIVE training

Flexible training hours, with a self-paced online curriculum supported by live online training with our lead instructors via Zoom.

We're with you every step of the way.

What qualifications does this training give me?


As an official Yoga Alliance Registered School, upon graduation, you will receive Level 1 RYT200 Certification in teaching and instructing Tantrik, Hatha, Vinyasa & Restorative Yoga. 

You will also be a certified Pranayama, Meditation and Mindfulness teacher.

This qualifies you to be registered with Yoga Alliance - The international governing body of yoga - and obtain teaching insurance internationally. 

As an official registered Continued Education Provider we are also in the process of creating opportunities for add on training for specialty services and teaching opportunities. 

As a graduate, you will have lifetime ongoing support from us, including monthly group Graduate Calls, and will endeavour to provide guidance and opportunities where we can to all graduates. 

How does it all work?


The training will be operate in two sections. One will be a pre-recorded interactive platform which can be completed at your own pace. Some sections may only be unlocked after completing certain pre-requisites including some live sections of the course.

You will have lifetime access to this platform, however, your certification must be completed within 12 months of your welcome ceremony start date. We do this so that all the information is integrated and digested within a certain time frame. A request for extension can be made if circumstances delay your ability to complete the training within that timeframe.

The live part of the training will run one weekend a month.

These once a month live sessions will run 10am-5pm on the Saturdays via live zoom video calls.

Most of these weekends will include the option to attend in person on the Sunshine Coast on the Sunday, in-person attendance is optional. 

*The optional Sunday sessions will NOT be streamed online, as are just designed for in-person attendance only.*

The Saturdays of these live weekends are Mandatory, and will be focused on the foundational elements of the course, and practical teaching hours, necessary for completing the course. 

If you miss any of these Saturday sessions, you will need to both watch the full replays of these, AND make up the missed hours via one of the Catch-Up options given during and after the course.

The Sundays of these live weekends will be offered for some of the weekends are Optional, yet Highly Recommended for you to attend. These will be more of an embodied experience of the practices taught in the Course, and therefore extremely valuable in your journey. 

These Sundays are In-Person events only, and are also open to the general public to attend us via paid tickets. As part of the Yoga Teacher Training, you will not have to pay to attend these.

To Summarize:

Once per month live weekend Saturdays 10am-5pm AEST, are Teacher Training focused, and are mandatory for you to attend. These are online-only.

The Sundays of these weekends are 11am-3pm, are optional (but highly recommended) and are In-Person only. Also, the Sundays will not be on every time. There will be a calendar included which will show you which Sundays have the optional extra sessions. 



2024 Training Dates:


January 6 - Intro & First Moon (Earth) 🌳

February 3 - Second Moon (Water) 💧

March 2 - Third Moon (Fire) 🔥

March 30 - Fourth Moon (Wind) 🌪️

April 27 - Fifth Moon (Void) 🌑

May 25 - Sixth (Final) Moon (Dragon) 🐉


The rest of the YTT will be pre-recorded online modules which can be completed at your own pace. Even if you haven’t completed these modules by the final full YTT weekend it's fine. You have 12 months from the YTT start date to complete your remaining modules and receive your certificate. 

There will also be monthly group calls after the initial 6 months to provide you with ongoing support, even after you graduate. 

Replays available to those who have important commitments on those days, however you will be required to make up for the connection hours on top of watching the replays by completing an additional quest for each day missed.

We are flexible and understand life can get in the way, but please do your best to make all of them live instead of just watching the replays as it benefits you and the group dynamic immensely. ❤️


Please bear in mind that’s it’s not a race :) and there’s A LOT of information here to digest. So please take your time and enjoy the journey. Part of your training is hosting some community classes for the general public, either in-person or online, so you will be ready to start getting some practice teaching before you actually graduate as a fully fledged teacher

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What Makes Our Teacher Training

Different Than The Rest?

Be part of a growing collaborative community

 It's not just the course and training, but the growing and expanding community you will have access to. With ongoing support after you graduate.

Learn the foundations of Breath-Work and Pranayama

Breathwork seems to be a buzzword these days, yet many haven't been provided with a proper, safe foundation for teaching it.

We pride ourselves in our ability to teach you the essential foundations and methods that EVERY breath-work teacher should know.

The perfect mix of self-paced and LIVE training

Flexible training hours, with a self-paced online curriculum supported by live online training with our lead instructors via Zoom.

We're with you every step of the way.

What happens once I graduate?


In addition to the monthly graduate calls, upon graduation you will receive a year access to The House of Mages, which is a platform that expands upon the basic 200hr and is an online school of Yoga, Tantra & Magick which includes courses and classes on Yoga, Tantra, Ayurveda, Astrology, Tarot & Divination, Ritual, Energy Work, Sound Healing, Voice Activation, Manifestation, Embodied Speaking, Leadership, NLP, Runes, & many other Magical Arts.


You will also receive ongoing support from our online community in continuing your practice, teaching, and if you want to pursue it; build a passionate, thriving business.

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